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Venom Carbon

Tacky Tape Grey 25' Roll


Tacky Tape® SM5127 is an unsurpassed performer where post cure cycles are required. It is compatible with most bagging films and is an ideal choice for use on composite tool surfaces.   User frien...

Venom Carbon

Peel Ply


Designed for vacuum bag lay-up composites and metal-to-metal bonding structures. 100% polyester fiber melts at approximately 480F (249C) and is resistant to phenolic resin system degradation.  The ...

Venom Carbon

Bagging Film


3 mil Nylon  is green tinted, transparent, heat stabilized, vacuum bagging film recommended for advanced composites and other high temperature applications where softness and workability are requir...

Venom Carbon

Resin Flow Medium


Resin flow medium works well with Polyester, Vinylester, and Epoxy Resins. It is designed to assist flow through your part during infusion process. Resin flows more easily throughout your lay-up. ...

Venom Carbon

Tacky Tape 25' Roll


Tacky Tape® SM5142BY is a sealant tape developed for vacuum bagging operations. This product has been formulated to outperform all tapes in its class.  With aggressive initial tack, it will maintai...

Venom Carbon

Super Release Green Peel Ply


This Peel Ply is designed for vacuum bag lay-up composites and metal-to-metal bonding structures. It is 100% nylon 6,6 fiber melts at approximately 480°F (249°C).The fabric is not recommended for p...