12" x 5FT Twill Weave Resin Kit

12" x 5FT Twill Weave Resin Kit

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Carbon Fiber Resin Kit: 2x2 Twill Carbon Fabric and Epoxy Resin System
Do you want to make carbon fiber parts?

The carbon fiber cloth and resin included with this kit are both top quality composites materials. This kit includes the basic composite materials you will need to make a
small carbon fiber part, or repair or cover a part in carbon fiber.  The best
part is that our carbon fiber kits are very affordable. That means you won’t
have to break the bank to buy large quantities of materials.

These kits have been used to repair or reinforce carbon fiber lips, interior pieces, kiteboards, landboards, carbon fiber hoods, R/C vehicles and more. The twill weave is more pliable than the plain weave and has better drapability for curved surfaces while maintaining fabric stability. The twill weave pattern is characterized by a diagonal rib created by one warp yarn floating over at least two filling yarns. Plain weave is “checker board” pattern.

This kit includes:
12” x 60” 2x2 twill weave carbon fabric(rolled and wrapped in plastic on a tube)
8 ozs of Epoxy resin
4 ozs Hardener
Basic instructions included with the kit.

The Epoxy resin is high-quality, UV stabilized and produces a high gloss

Epoxy has a 30-40-minute working time at room temperature, and fully
cures in 24-48 hours.

We sell only U.S. made materials, all of which are readily available for fast